Eelke Ankersmit is known as the former frontman of band The Rag Trade, with an album full of songs about growing up and relating issues. Reviews for the album were unanimously positive. It got the band a couple of live-performances on dutch national radiostation 3FM as well as some festival gigs. After finishing his studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with a 9,5 (out of 10) for his graduation performance, It is now time for Eelke Ankersmit to continue his journey on his own.

The path leading up to the release of his solo debut already brought him a gig in the famous Dutch Main Concert Hall of Paradiso in Amsterdam. Recently Eelke Ankersmit won the Dutch pop song competition for singer-songwriters and (semi)acoustic acts, ‘Mooie Noten 2016’, focusing on composition, lyrics and musical presentation.

On his debut EP Old Friend heartache is a big theme, as well as the road to adulthood which never seems to end. Each of the songs has it’s own feel and instrumentation, sometimes emphasizing the lyrics, sometimes complementing them, but leaving no-one untouched.

Eelke Ankersmit already has plenty of new tracks in the making, his next EP is scheduled for spring 2017. In the meantime, here’s Old Friend. It is being released under new TCBYML sub-label BERT, dedicated to young musical talent. BERT is exciting, challenging, new, enterprising, a feeling, a friend, full of idealism, adventurous and honest. BERT was launched this august and was created especially for Dutch artists and bands.

Eelke Ankersmit – Old Friend (EP) is released on 19 September.


  1. Happiness
  2. Ghost
  3. Foundation
  4. December
  5. Old Friend
  6. Lullaby (Clear Your Head)