Eaten By Snakes are a punk / pop / synth duo from Bielefeld, Germany. They formed in 2017. Starting from a classic garage / pop punk lineup, Daniel on drums and David on vocals / guitar added analog synthesizers to their sound.

After releasing their first self-titled EP in 2018, which included four rough sketches of where this experiment could lead, they shared the stage with Samiam and Hot Water Music, playing at Obenuse Fest in Zurich, Booze Cruise Festival in Hamburg and Stardumb Riot in Rotterdam. Yes, they had quite a successful period, bringing all their enthusiasm and ten songs to the studio and firing their debut album ‘Calming Pink’ in the middle of the rising wave of a global pandemic.

Even better times for sarcastic lyrics were dawning, and so they entered the studio again in early 2023 to record their second album ‘Peace And Love’. Sonically, Eaten by Snakes expanded their definition of punk rock with a handful of drum loops and piano samples. In doing so, they always remembered their favorite Bible quote, “One, two, three, four, who’s punk? What’s the score?

SOURCE: Official Bio