Samba De La Muerte has released their new track titled ‘We Head For’, from their upcoming album ‘Ornament’ dropping September 29th.

A song about what some may deem as ‘lofty goals’, Adrien Leprêtre and Samba De La Muerte show that true equality and symbiance is possible with a vivid and memorable anthem demanding as much.

‘We Head For’ has that true world sound with a ‘not-in-your-face’ vibe but an ‘in-your-heart’ feeling about it. The music encapsulates the lush vocals and surrounds as much with a global ambiance and crowd pleasing way about it fit for stages large and small.

About Samba De La Muerte

Eclectic French outfit Samba de la Muerte, fronted by Adrien Leprêtre, return with a brand new track ‘We Head For’, lifted from the upcoming album ‘Ornament’ due this September. Following on from the recent singles ‘Ornament’ and ‘Memory’, ‘We Head For’ continues Samba de la Muerte’s musical evolution, deftly combining a myriad of styles from pop, jazz, folk, reggae and electronica, the sound shimmers seamlessly and delivers all the arresting art-pop pomp you expect.

Adrien explains: “‘We Head For’ is a hymn to peace and solidarity, imagined as a rallying cry. The track tells us about the quest for an inclusive world, devoid of all forms of discrimination. This track took five years to come into being. It was almost on the previous album, but it took us a long time to find its final form. The basic idea was the bass riff, but then we couldn’t come up with the verses. After a lot of searching, we finally turned to one of the first demos, in which the intention was just perfect. I wanted that dub rock vibe like The Police, but without losing the Samba De La Muerte identity.”

The track is accompanied by a stunningly shot video clip captured in a manor house, not far from the red tent and green field locations where both the videos for ‘Memory’ and ‘Ornament’ were shot. Inspired by Michel Gondry’s ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, Samba De La Muerte uses this metaphorical image to express their quest for a better world, hoping to take us there with them.

Formed in 2012, the Caen based band will embark on the beginning of a new chapter with ‘Ornament’. Between the eccentric folktronica of 2013’s debut ‘Fire’ and 2020’s powerful Landmark EP, supported by Gilles Peterson on BBC 6 Music, the path has been rich and fruitful for Samba de la Muerte. Perhaps it also coincided with a long-term reflection on their own creative process.

Over the past decade, the musical references that first guided the group’s aesthetics have unfurled naturally and effectively into Samba de la Muerte’s world, nourishing it into maturity. Heavily influenced by the sounds coming from across the channel, the band drew inspiration from England’s musical leanings. From Talk Talk’s sophisticated pop, to Talking Heads’ avant-garde post punk shenanigans or even Radiohead’s frantic experiments withsound, Samba de la Muerte’s new album will certainly come across as an accomplishment and a rebirth.

Born from a search for the inner child through memories of the past, Ornament will reach its listeners as the lucid culmination of an endeavor that is both structured and spontaneous, just as a cinematographic narrative would be. Its eleven tracks are a combination of eleven scenes, alternating fleeting happiness and melancholy, strength and delicacy. The album purports to be a form of newly coined “stretch pop”, a music that sprawls, constantly resulting in new shapes, blissful and dazzlingly subtle, always deepening in the uncharted self.

Featured image by Sylvain La Rosa.