Ela Ozturk has today released her new single titled ‘Healing’. Ela has such an original voice that that is what you will immediately gravitate to. But wait, there’s more 😉 . there is a beautiful soundspace created with the orchestration of this song. I know that when I say orchestration you think huge classical ensemble. that’s not the case. What I mean is a world building song structure, as subtle as it may be, permeating through the speakers demanding that you listen on an actual stereo (remember those?).

Whatever music you find is your favorite, trust me, you will find a space on your playlist for Ela.

About Ela Ozturk

Ela Ozturk is a Turkish-American singer/songwriter, who found her love for music as young as the early age of six years old. Ela Ozturk pulls from a variety of influences, inspired by strong female vocalists such as the likes of Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Adele, Ela Ozturk found herself drawn towards their soulful voices and expressive lyrics.

Growing up in the Bay Area and having a Turkish background helped expose Ela Ozturk to a wide variety of artists, genres, and musical movements. Ela Ozturk’s unique blend of Blues, Jazz, R&B, Blue-eyed soul, and Pop, paired with her powerhouse vocals and confessional lyrics, helps her stand out as one of the new and exciting artists to watch out for.