Forty Feet Tall has today released their new EP titled ‘Tunnel Vision’. Having songs featured in numerous tv shows, Forty Feet Tall show an impressive start with the first track ‘Look Both Ways’ and, honestly, that’s when I new to just let this EP play out and not shuffle it. This is how it was meant to be heard.

Stylistically, their influences are somewhat apparent (mentions below) but, above all that, we get Forty Feet Tall. We get them. Not their influences. Influences are nice. But, remember, influences can also get some of us in jail. I have a cousin you can ask about that. This is originality incarnate. Slacker Rock meets The Brian Jonestown Massacre. They fuck. They have a kid that’s forty feet tall.

About Forty Feet Tall

With a more laid-back approach instrumentally on Tunnel Vision than on its preceding, more defiantly visceral EP BOIL, Forty Feet Tall instead imbue the newer tracks with a harder-hitting deep-seated reality, creating memorable riffs that turn somersaults over relentless grooves in lead single “Sleepwalking,” recalling their inspirations Archers of Loaf, the Killers, Pavement, and Pixies.

Keep listening and uncover more surprises: the curious coda of dreamlike “Look Both Ways,” while twisting into the grungy and fuzzy “Cheery Blossoms.” Forty Feet Tall aren’t afraid to say that the kids aren’t alright on punky chaotic “We Can’t Go Back to Normal.” “This EP is a little more experimental and shows a slightly softer side than the previous one,” the band explains. “With a song like ‘Tunnel Vision,’ we really tried to explore different avenues and get weird.”

Starting out further down the Pacific Coast in SoCal, Forty Feet Tall began with a childhood friendship between Los Angeles natives Cole Gann (lead singer/guitar) and Jack Sehres (guitar). They started out playing a benefit to save the rainforest, but by graduation had built a following big enough to play on stages including the Troubadour, Roxy, and the Whiskey. College took Jack to San Francisco and Cole to Portland, but the band continued to perform even as they focused on their studies.

Forty Feet Tall then released their self-titled album in 2014, followed a few years later by the Red Dressed EP. Bass player Brett Marquette came aboard in 2017; later adding drummer Ian Kelley which solidified the band. Forty Feet Tall’s hard-edged, expansive sound drew attention from television and movie music supervisors. Having songs featured in Showtime’s Shameless, several MTV spots, in the Paramount feature Drunk Wedding, and even an Arnold Schwarzenegger flick (Killing Gunther).