What would you do for your significant other big numbers B`Day? A gathering of friends? Go out to dinner? OR something bigger? Well, Jamelle Bejarano has everyone beat. She decided to put on a concert for her husband’s big 5-0! He is a huge fan of electronic music so she decided to gather up his favorites and make a huge event out of it. Taking Place in the UK in November this is slated to be one banger of an event

For information and tickets click the link HERE.

Jamelle describes how this all came about….

My husband, John Bejarano, is turning 50 in November. I asked him what special activity he would like to do for his birthday. After some thought, he said he would love to see his favorite three bands in concert, but as Northern Kind is from Leceister, England, Future Perfect is from Wales, and Johan Baeckström is from Sweden it wasn’t likely that they would play together in November. The three bands have not previously had a group concert. Also, we are in California. I immediately told him I would make it happen. I started on the journey of trying to put together a concert of the three bands from different continents in a country an ocean away from our home. John is a large synthpop fan and was already Facebook friends of the three bands. He reached out to them and they all rapidly agreed to be part of the concert. It was a very exciting start for this plan.

We decided to call the concert eLectronic singularity. The name of the concert represents electronic for electronic music, singularity because it is a one-time event, and the L in eLectronic is the only letter capitalized and it represents the Roman Numeral for 50. I reached out to the bands to determine what they need for the concert in equipment and space, and fan size and began my long search for a venue. I was impressed by the newly refurbished Nambucca in London and booked the concert for Nov 15, 2019. The next step was to find a way to sell and distribute tickets. This was a challenge but determined that Eventbrite. The UK would be a good fit. The concert is also listed on Evensi. I am enjoying my challenge and sharp learning curve of putting together an international concert of three fabulous bands. As an Accounts Payable Director, I never expected to become an international concert promoter. A little bit on each band for more info on each please visit the website or Facebook

Northern Kind are electronic duo Matt Culpin and Sarah Heeley. Based in Leicester, UK the duo formed in 2006 and has gained a loyal, international fan-base. Their early albums ‘53 Degrees North’ and‘Wired’, topped album and download charts across Europe and won them prestigious live dates including a UK tour with pop legends Kajagoogoo, Recoil with Alan Wilder (ex Depeche Mode) and Gary Numan at Postbahnhof, Berlin, and Heaven 17 at the 2013 Silicon Dreams Festival.

In the early ’90s, Johan Baeckström formed the Swedish electropop duo Daily Planet together with vocalist Jarmo Ollila. The singles ‘Milky Way’ and ‘Radioactive love’ were released in 1995-1996, followed by the first – and only – album ‘ The Tide’. Until 2014, that is – In September 2014 they released their second album, called ‘Two’ on Swedish label Progress Productions. It was followed by a 3rd album,’Play Rewind Repeat’ in May 2017. In between those two, Johan released two solo albums, ‘Like Before’ in June 2015 and ”Utopia” in June 2018, both highly acclaimed by fans and media.

Future Perfect

  • Simon Owen – Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Production
  • Rebecca Owen – Music, Vocals, Synths The now Husband, Wife couple Simon, Rebecca Owen make up the incredible electronic/synthpop/EBM sound of Future Perfect.

They formed in 2009 taking their influences from the lyrical darkness of Joy Division, Depeche Mode, the experimentalism of early O.M.D and style and groove of Pet Shop Boys. Future