Cory Hotline is a cosmic collision of funk, pop, rock, and disco; the kind of band you might expect to see at an especially raucous dance party in space. Along with their overwhelming live presence, the band boasts instantly catchy pop hooks accompanied by super-slick guitar and an air-tight rhythm section that will have the crowd dancing before they’ve even taken off their space-suits.

Comprised of some of the best veterans of Toronto’s live music scene, Cory Hotline is basically the love child of Joe Cocker and Bobby Womack backed by a “build your perfect space-disco fantasy band” generator – a synthesis of retro nostalgia and future-facing funk with the pop sense of Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson. With years of recording and performing under their belts, Cory Hotline can currently be found doing what they do best: bringing the party on a molecular level. Their self-titled debut album will be reverberating throughout the universe in 2020.


Cory Hotline’s first single “Work It Out” is a catchy funk-pop song about the intensity of love. It’s about the highs and lows that come with finding someone who drives you crazy in every possible way. It’s that kind of love that has you yelling at each other in the street, then hitting the sheets. “Work It Out” also highlights that no one is perfect, and while we have our differences, we should ultimately strive to find common ground. The song was self-recorded and produced by Cory Hotline in Toronto and is accompanied by an electrifying music video – see below!

SOURCE: Official Bio