Ellington Nathan Purcell (born November 10, 1997 on the Caribbean island of Grenada), known professionally by his stage name Ello. P, and better known to family members and friends by his childhood nickname “Ello”, is a 25 year old full-time music producer and singer/songwriter, who also has roots in spoken word poetry.

Ello. P started his musical journey by learning to play the guitar, which led him to having a deeper appreciation for music as a whole. He then got inspired to start dabbling in beat-making, after seeing one of his high school friends use FL Studios for the very first time, during a showcase at his high school. He started off by creating instrumentals in Garage Band on his cousin’s laptop, before getting a copy of FL Studios 11 from another one of his up and coming producer friends, back in 2015.

In 2016, he wrote his first spoken word poem and transitioned his way into the world of storytelling through writing, which he later implemented into his writing style, when he began learning the art of songwriting within that same year.

Ello. P is also a self-taught graphic designer, video editor and motion animator. He believes that all of those skills which he has acquired over the years, have allowed him to view creativity and art in a completely different light, and he believes that being multi-skilled is the reason his music resonates with people the way that it does. He is fully convinced that God has blessed him with those skills and abilities in order to show people who God really is, and the purpose that he has for their lives.

Ello. P believes that one well-written song has the power to get you through life’s trying times, and can heal, sooth and bring joy to the heart of the listener, when it’s written and sung with intention and meaning. This is exactly what Ello seeks to achieve with every song and instrumental that he creates.

SOURCE: Official Bio