Emika Love has today released her new single titled ‘Bad Day Not Life’. Synthly orchestral with a dash of funk and fury, Emika gets what a groove is with an infectious bass and beat and a welcome abode to summer.

This is a song that will make you a pop fan, even if you’re not. It has that way about it. Attitude through gratitude spitting out a million dollars adjusted for infatuation. giving you breaks with each verse before kicking in the hip-sway party once again, never letting go, letting up, and letting in.

About ‘Bad Day Not Life’

With a catchy beat, layered synths, and a memorable piano backing, the track can be described as Dua Lipa meets early-2000s pop. “Bad Day Not Life” speaks volumes about overcoming bad days and remembering that the forces of good and bad can coexist. With lyrics such as “In the sun love the rain when it’s dark out” and “You get to pick your battles, but it’s a must to fight all of them,” the song is Emika’s heartfelt reminder to her audience that everything is going to be okay, as she encourages them to persevere through the challenges in life and learn from them. The song was produced by Max Bitov and mixed and mastered by Prodigy Muzix. The cover art was created in collaboration with Gustav Mandigo.

In a slight twist of fate, Emika Love’s passion for music began when she was randomly thrown into an elective guitar class in high school. While initially skeptical, she eventually fell in love with the instrument. Later, she began experimenting with vocals and penning down original songs, thus marking the beginning of her blossoming music career. Now a few years deep, music is much more than just music to this genre-bending creative. As Emika puts it, “It is art within art” and everything in between. From writing lyrics and melody to developing and directing music video concepts to dancing while wearing various costumes and experimenting with props and makeup, music has become the metaphorical “bag” that holds Emika’s multiple forms of self-expression. She claims that music holds the power to change her mood in a split second and can make a significant difference in people’s lives.

Emika Love stands out from the crowd as an artist due to her indefatigable character and work ethic. She is known to put all her efforts and more into her art. She is an avid multitasker, juggling music production, singing, songwriting, directing, choreography, clothing design, event planning, scouting people, and videography. She also possesses a unique creative process by first coming up with visuals, drawing inspiration from outfits, and then writing out the story. As a self-motivated and self-inspired artist, Emika’s work reflects her dedication to her craft.

About Emika Love

Emika Love is a talented singer and songwriter hailing from Sacramento, California. Emika’s passion for music started in high school when she was randomly thrown into a guitar class as an elective. Initially skeptical, she eventually grew to love the instrument and started experimenting with vocals soon after, even penning down songs in the process.

Emika considers music to be a form of art within art and loves the various aspects of it, including writing, melody, music video concepts, directing, costumes, and makeup. She believes that music has the power to change moods and can make a difference in people’s lives. Emika draws inspiration from various genres such as pop, R&B, world, and dancehall, and creates music that makes people feel good and groovy.

As an artist, Emika stands out from the crowd due to her indefatigable character and work ethic. She is a multitasker who juggles different aspects of music production, such as singing, songwriting, directing, choreography, clothing design, event planning, scouting people, and videography. Her major musical influences include Michael Jackson, whom she admires for his impact and legacy.

Emika’s upcoming releases showcase her main themes of unity, spreading love, and appreciating all aspects of life. She has been compared to other artists such as Doja Cat, Fergie, and Dua Lipa. Her new single, “Bad Day Not Life” will be released this Spring.