Emily Monsen has today released her new single titled ‘How We Used To Be’. Hindsight is 20/20 and preverb can often be proverb but, you know what, it all makes for some great music in the end.

Emily Monsen takes that to heart with a soliloquy for the modern heart and a subtly captivating track that flows from the speakers into your inner self like an old friend telling you it will be alright. You’re not the only one. Yet, right now, you’re the only one who matters.

About Emily Monsen & ‘How We Used To Be’

The poignant track is told from the perspective of present-day Monsen, now 24, reflecting on a relationship that came to a jarring and sudden end when she was 18. Propelled by a rootsy acoustic guitar and piano combo that serve as the vehicle for Monsen’s diaristic, coming-of-age story, the remarkably transparent song highlights the sultry, countrypolitan vocals that help encapsulate the vulnerability of her experience candidly.

Simultaneously capturing the pain of the moment and wisdom that time and reflection have allowed her, “How We Use To Be” zooms in on Monsen’s decision to remember the relationship how it was at its very best, rather than opting to linger in the goodbyes and closure that she never received.