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The Idle Silence is an indie/alternative-rock band from Somerset, nominally based in Taunton. Martyn Edwards, James Haldane, Phil Russell and Jay Parr formed the band in 2018 and very quickly enjoyed radio play with their first recordings in the UK, USA & Australia. From then until the pandemic struck, they played well received gigs throughout the South West and built up their renowned live sound. This led to the decision to record themselves remotely during lockdown, the result being the Frown EP. These singles also saw radio play across the UK.

Drawing influences from great bands like The Beatles, Nirvana, Radiohead, R.E.M. They also have a healthy interest in metal, house, anti-folk, post-rock, hip hop, Avant-composers and Eurovision songs. This gives them a firm grounding in how to match a catchy melody to a memorable guitar riff but also to add an unexpected twist.

Their latest recordings @ Unit 43, Bristol see the band concentrate on capturing the energy of their live set. The band worked with Luke Bujniewicz (Holy Popes/Birdman Cult) who recorded and produced 6 tracks. These tracks will be released as singles throughout 2023.

SOURCE: Official Bio