Emily Nicole Green has today released her new 5 track EP titled ‘Outrunning The Animal’. An EP recorded with the conviction of a musical master and true songwriter. Each song is a story meant for us all, each done with Emily’s unique blend of stellar songwriting and stunning vocals. Think Carole King and Alanis Morissette while enjoying a good wine in the privacy of your own home alone with nothing to influence you before you realize this is something new and unfiltered coming through your stereo with originality leading the way. That’s Emily Nicole Green.

“Outrunning The Animal is an invitation to face ourselves. We are part animal and part human and the more we learn to be with the parts of ourselves that are unwieldy and untidy and very much alive, the more these parts can stop sabotaging us and fueling our addictions and anxieties in failed attempts to get our acknowledgment and validation. These emotional parts of us will eventually demand to be heard. We can’t outrun the animal because we are the animal. In spite of our best efforts, we can’t outrun ourselves.I hope these songs will be like close friends that you can call on when you want to feel some kind of catharsis or when you want to feel a little bit less alone.”
Emily Nicole Green

About ‘Outrunning The Animal’

In the vibrant city of New York, Emily Nicole Green, an exceptional singer-songwriter, is boldly redefining herself at the age of 40, demonstrating that her boundless creativity knows no age limits. Emily is set to release her debut 5-track EP, ‘Outrunning The Animal’ on her 40th birthday, October 30th. Emily stands as a beacon of light in the realm of independent artists. This record brims with raw emotion and boundless lyrical creativity, which Green has already begun to see resonate with listeners thanks to the powerful and positive reaction to the singles she has been releasing.

Emily Nicole Green introduces the world to her music through this highly-anticipated release, as she successfully weaves various captivating narratives through the soulful roots of her unique brand of storytelling. ‘Outrunning The Animal’ creates a musical labyrinth that melds the vibrant notes of pop, the rustic allure of country, the haunting cadence of blues, the sultry strains of jazz, and the timeless charm of folk.

Each track on this record is a testament to the multifaceted nature of Emily’s artistry, inviting listeners on a journey through the corridors of her heart and mind. Prepare to be swept away on a symphonic odyssey, where emotion flows like a river and melodies paint vivid landscapes of the human experience. Emily Nicole Green’s debut EP is not merely an album; it offers a window into her past, her present, and her aspirations for the future.

In “Hole In My Heart,” the opening track of Emily Nicole Green’s EP, we’re transported to the core of country-influenced music. Green’s delivery transmits the emotions she is feeling to her listeners. Her vocals are effortlessly supported by distinctive guitar twang and emotive vocals that guide the listener through the sonic re-enactment of gut-wrenching heartbreak.

As the album unfolds, “Wreckage” takes us on a different musical voyage, diving headfirst into the world of jazz. Dynamic vocals ebb and flow, from sultry and smoky to powerful and commanding, creating a sonic landscape that mirrors the chaos and emotional turmoil of love’s rejection. It’s a bluesy, jazz-infused exploration of anger and self-discovery, offering a safe harbor for those who have weathered the storm of heartbreak to express their pain and reclaim their self-worth.

“Thief” is the third track on ‘Outrunning The Animal’ and it beckons us into the realm of Americana, where rich storytelling and timeless melodies intersect. Here, Green crafts a poignant narrative that intimately captures her ache, drawing on the roots of American folk music. This Americana ballad is the most raw and vulnerable song on the EP, reeling listeners into its deep emotional allure.

“Courage” explores themes of self-discovery, transformation, and the impact of losing a significant person in one’s life. The verses convey a sense of vulnerability and inner turmoil, suggesting a struggle with self-acceptance and change. The repeated chorus questions whether the narrator will find the courage to embrace the changes needed to become the person they lost had believed was inside of them. The bridges express gratitude for the support and love received, highlighting the importance of connections.

Finally “It’s Gonna Be Okay,” brings the album to a close with the warm embrace of soothing pop and Americana overtones, and Emily Nicole Green takes a bow to her three years of work in creating this record. It’s a lullaby for all ages, a tender melody that reaches deep into the heart during moments of struggle, offering a glimmer of hope and resilience. The song’s pop sensibilities provide a comforting familiarity, like a reassuring friend in times of distress. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest of moments, there’s a soothing melody to guide us through the storm. This track creates a fitting finale to a collection of songs that have explored various genres, each one a testament to the depth and breadth of human emotion.

About Emily Nicole Green

NYC-based singer-songwriter, Emily Nicole Green shines a light into the depths of her own emotional interiority with her lyrics and her sound. Her vulnerable writing, powerful vocal, and skillful vibrato work together to offer listeners immediate emotional resonance and stirring storytelling that stays with them long after her songs end.

Green has been writing and performing her original songs since she was a freshman in high school. At 17, she began dealing with debilitating anxiety and panic that stopped her from pursuing a career in music for nearly two decades. In 2019, she decided it was now or never and began pouring herself into her music. She posted cover songs on Patreon and a year later landed her first TV spot with a cover of “Greasy Frybread” played over the credits of Season 1, Ep. 4 of FX’s Reservation Dogs.

Green’s songwriting is where she gives herself permission to tell herself her truth, processing her emotions and not judging what they have to say, letting the songs be told by the parts of her that still ache.

Emily Nicole Green’s debut 5-track EP, ‘Outrunning The Animal,’ fuses Americana with indie-folk, pop, jazz, blues, and country. The EP will officially launch on Green’s 40th birthday, October 30th, and will be available for streaming on all platforms + will be available for purchase on vinyl.

On what guides her writing, Emily says, “At the altar of the ache, you’ll find the light below the wound.”