ENAKA has released her new video for the track titled ‘Heart Strings’. While the video is a vibrant mix of CGI and VIP, through a child’s eyes, the song is what catches and captures the moment. Taken to a next level of caffeinated lo-fi and pop mixed with staccato hip hop, ENAKA stamps her style all over this video through a sheer talent meant for icons of music.

About ‘Heart Strings’

ENAKA is sure to take 2023 by storm, with an infectious new single entitled “Heart Strings.” The track features a vibrant melting pot of Pop, R&B, rap and Hip-Hop, all merging together under an overarching gritty sound. Featuring irresistible drum beats, atmospheric synths and grooving bass lines, the track is sure to get listeners up and dancing. On top, ENAKA manages to blend hard-hitting bars with soulful, glistening vocals, both elements working hand in glove with an infectious instrumental.

Speaking about the single, she says: “I wrote this record about fun, yet confusing dalliances that feel like a tug of war. One minute you’re ecstatic and the next minute you don’t know where things are heading. I wanted to express how that special person’s charm can tug on your heart strings for the better in a comedic way. I wanted it to feel whimsical and upbeat. I made the beat during the pandemic and shot the music video. The lyrics didn’t come until last year. When I heard the beat again after all that time I was blown away and it was easy for them to flow.”


ENAKA is a Cameroonian-American director/singer-songwriter/producer that hails from Riverdale, GA. ENAKA moved to New York to hone her music skills, and has eventually ended up in Los Angeles. The personality of each of these places can be heard in her music, as her musical projects pay tribute to her background. Alongside this, ENAKA is a first generation American, with her Cameroonian heritage strongly influencing her musical style also.

ENAKA’s identity as a queer Black person has lended her a unique set of encounters that she details in her songwriting and films. The subject topics that feature in her creative outputs are often emotive, engaging and provide a safe space for her audience to find solace within. This warm reception has been extended to industry professionals. She was awarded New Fest’s of Emerging Black LGBTQ+ Director Award in 2020, for her short film “MERCURY AFROGRADE” in which she wrote, directed, produced, edited, composed, and starred in. Alongside this, she starred in Pepi Ginsberg’s film, “THE PASS”, which was an official selection at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

Through her evolution of adulthood living in New York, ENAKA managed to redefine her approach to music. She taught herself how to play guitar and produce, finding more freedom in genre defying musical exploration. Her most recent self-directed music video, entitled “Chasing Amour”, was featured in Forbes. With an abundance of accolades, and a growing audience, we can’t wait to see where she’ll take this.