Low Praise has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Forget That It’s Summer’. A stark relief for the post COVID world, ‘Forget That It’s Summer’ is a true alternative to the alternative that lets you forget about more than summer and just focus on the music.

Positive vibes for current tribulations, this is a song and video that you can melt into and come out feeling fresh. And dope.

“‘Forget That It’s Summer’ was the first song we wrote together during the Covid depths, during our shared peak fear, anxiety and loneliness. As a band that had always jammed stuff out in person and worked off that energy this song was originally composed through chopping up loops, file sharing and experimentation. We actually built a complete version of this song as a weird loop construct with a ton of layers, mostly as a way to still make something, anything together during that self-imposed separation. We then reconstructed it as a stripped down live band version once we could finally get together again. So I think you kind of still hear that in the song that it was born from a pretty different process.

Thematically, this was a period where I think we were all mega-bumming and at the same time getting the immense appreciation and perspective for all of the little things you take for granted in normal life that we all lost access to during that period. Just being able to see your friends, make music together, have physical contact with the people you love. It was a period of forced reflection and forced appreciation. All put to a dance groove for some reason.”
– Warren / Low Praise

About Low Praise

Low Praise are an Oakland based post-punk trio whose nervous energy and chanting hooks recall late 70s post-punk acts such as The Fall and Wire. The band previously issued a pair of EPs, EXPECTATION(S) and TANNING BEDS recorded by Andrew Oswald (Marbled Eye).

The band’s debut full length DRESSING (out 5/19/23) was recorded over two sessions split apart by a year of peak Covid. During this time Low Praise was forced to evolve and collaborate remotely, leading to new experimentation in sounds and structure. The band then came back together to reimagine these digital creations in their stripped down three piece live format. The end result, DRESSING, sees Low Praise deliver their most diverse and wide reaching songs to-date, unified by themes of anxiety and helplessness that they collectively experienced during that time.

Low Praise have supported acts such as Quasi, Death Bells, Ulrika Spacek, Mint Field, The Acharis and Collapsing Scenery. DRESSING was engineered by Jay Pellicci (Deerhoof, The Dodos), and mixed by Jason Cupp (Maps & Atlases, American Football).