Erin Greider has today released her new single titled ‘Pockets’. I get that initial feeling of finding something endearing and personal with that first listen. Something that was meant for me. Personable. And, in some ways, it makes me sad as well. And that is a good thing, to be perfectly honest. It forces me to be a bit more reflective. It makes me think of those things I have long ago forgotten, yet made me who I am today. Some good, some bad.

Those are the songs that we keep with us. The ones that speak to us, and sometimes, for us. We tend to keep a lot of ourselves to ourselves. Sometimes that needs to be released. ‘Pockets’ is one of those songs that lets those things out and lets them breathe. That is what the best music does to us all.

About Erin Greider

Native Angelino Erin Greider started writing songs as early as 8 years old with her friend whose dad was in a garage band. She also started playing guitar at 8 after watching Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday. From there, she picked up drums and piano and finally at 15 she saved up enough of her money to buy her first bass which became her favorite and main instrument.

Songwriting continued to be a massive part of her life, working with different producers and recording her songs since 8th grade (though never releasing or even letting anyone hear them). She was 13 when a producer first offered to pay her for her song “Can’t Wait to Meet You” for an established artist they were working with at the time.

Songwriting and music took a bit of a backseat while Erin was in university studying film and economics until the summer of 2020 when the world stopped moving. “Sim Controllers” was written in a month or two and recorded with Alex Elena and Marciel Miranda in the fall.

Besides music, she is still a film nerd and will talk to you about it for hours. Films often influence her songwriting and she would want you to know her favorite film is Sunset Boulevard.