King Dream have today released their new album titled ‘Glory Daze: Vol V’. King Dream are one of those bands you MUST see live. That is where they thrive (see video below). But what makes them one of those magical bands is that they are able to capture that magic in the studio. That mystical thriving sound that usually comes from a tight band on stage is everywhere on V5. I had the privilege of interviewing King Dream curator Jeremy Lyon last fall and, I have to say, he is one of those rare artists that ‘gets it’. He has long ago found his sound and catered it to fit in everyone’s life. One of the rarest traits of any artist is to infuse their music into your life in such a way that it can become a soundtrack to those future memories and help you remember those times, and the feelings you had, when you first heard each track.

You get more of that as well as being a part of the dream. That ‘king dream’.

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About ‘Glory Daze: Vol V’

What started as a 4 song EP at the beginning of 2020 blossomed into a self produced triple album by the end of last year, spanning a myriad of collaborators, including GRAMMY winning mix engineers Dave Way (Fionna Apple, Macy Gray) and Michael Brauer (John Mayer, Coldplay). The first installment, which the band will tour this spring, is chalk full of rock anthems with soaring vocals and sky splitting guitar solos, sure to echo from sweaty small clubs to fervorous festival audiences.

King Dream’s sophomore album “Glory Daze V,” is a magnum opus born out of happenstance and brimming with ambition. It’s a cinematic journey of an album rarely seen these days. It’s about keeping the fire burning, and the desire yearning, while empires and life as we know it crumble around us. It’s about — what it takes to stay, to support instead of seek, and the love and community we can forge when we foster instead of follow.

About King Dream

King Dream is a Bay Area rock ‘n’ roll band helmed by Oakland native Jeremy Lyon, a lifelong songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who crafts dive bar anthems with heart, brains and soul. Hard-rocking yet poignant, his music combines a love for American rock masters like Springsteen and Petty with ‘60s West Coast psychedelia and more contemporary torch-bearers like My Morning Jacket and The War on Drugs — all brought to life by a band of Northern California’s most in-demand players.

Lyon has played Outside Lands and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, toured nationally and internationally, and also knows what it’s like to busk on the street. King Dream songs deftly balance hope and world-weariness. They seem wise beyond their years, and they also have a way of sneaking up on you. Their shout-along choruses and searing guitar solos are at home in a darkened saloon, to be sure, but also — you know the giddy, ragged vulnerability that arrives when you’ve been awake for way too long on a road trip? Between the good times and the clinks of beer bottles these songs inspire a wistfulness, deep in your bones, for a place you’ve never been.