Larry Sager, from Detroit, MI., but currently residing in Oakland, CA., is the founding member of the pure rock ‘n’ roll band ESQ, who has garnered over 18 million video streams on YouTube. ESQ consistently puts out strong music with clever lyrics and an unforgettable melodic sound. Their new single and video, “Runaway” is no exception and is out now.

Sager says, “Runaway” is simply a love song and doesn’t actually relate to a specific person. Not many of ESQ’s songs would be considered, “love songs”. However, we have a slew of new tunes coming up that would be considered “love” or “relationship” songs.”

Sager knew there would be the challenge of creating unique and entertaining videos with the subject of, “love” in them relating to people. He says, “In the “Runaway” video we are looking at love for a cat or a dog or a mouse, giraffe or whatever. Also, I guess you could say it’s about the relationships between the animals themselves. If you’ve got two (or more) pets at home, you know the animals themselves have their ups and downs and various moods and all! In love one day, then fighting like cats and dogs another day, speaking of which, we have a dog and a cat who are quite pals.”

The majority of animals appearing in the video are actually ones Sager personally fostered through an organization called Hopalong, through the Marin Humane Society. They primarily collect puppies and kittens from all kinds of different places and circumstances, foster them out to people and then when the animals are old enough, they get them permanently adopted. Sager had a couple of, “foster fails” where he ended up adopting several of the cats he fostered, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

“There are a set of newborn kittens in the video, with a mom, whom I actually found under my house when the kittens were 1 week old” says Sager. “There’s a number of other animals who are friends’ pets. There is also a zoo shot of giraffes. No, the giraffes were not fostered at my home. There’s also my cousin’s bird at the end of the video.”

“Runaway” was recorded at 25th Street Recording Studio, Oakland, CA. Engineered by Gabriel Shepard, produced by Larry Sager and mixed by Sylvia Massy (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Tool) at The Oddio Shop, Ashland, Oregon.

SOURCE: Official Bio