ESQ has today premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Can’t Be Satisfied’, which releases tomorrow (September 8th).

I’m hesitant to call this anything similar to classic rock because, well, that tends to pigeonhole artists into a genre that’s hard to escape from. The ‘classic’ element is still there, for sure. Like the songwriting and guitar definitely a ‘classic’ tinge to it. But the song is solid to the core. It’s modern with originality abound and creativity in every note. This song was born and raised. The song is more modern than any type of classic sound can convey. Maybe because classic music has a timeless feel? ‘Can’t Be Satisfied’ has that feeling, for sure.

Let’s just call it a ‘future classic’.

About ESQ & ‘Can’t Be Satisfied’

ESQ is back with a fun, thought-provoking single and video for, “Can’t Be Satisfied” dropping September 8, 2023. ESQ is Larry Sager, out of Detroit, MI., who is a singer-songwriter and founding member of the well-established rock band. The new single features American record producer, mixer and engineer, Sylvia Massy, who is known for her work with Tool, Tom Petty, Prince, Johnny Cash and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Massy not only mixed and mastered, “Can’t Be Satisfied” but also sings on it.

Sager says the meaning and inspiration behind, “Can’t Be Satisfied” is that it’s a love song about two people who obviously had an argument or falling out. The guy is combing the streets looking for her because they both want to be together. Sager says, “The phrase sounds more like a criticism or something negative, “Can’t be satisfied”. I wanted to make it a positive thing, I can’t be satisfied … with a kiss.” The video mimics the lyrics and is not only unique, but quite entertaining.

Sager was thrilled Massy liked the song so much that she wanted to sing on it. “Sylvia had mixed a number of my songs, and was one that I was actually reluctant to record. It turned out to be a favorite of hers and she added an awesome orchestral wall of vocals to really add a new dimension to the song. That’s all her at the end of it.”

ESQ just finished two days in the studio recording basic tracks and a few overdubs for 5 new songs to be released. Sager also shot some video which he will be releasing and will be geared towards the fans in Argentina, all over South America, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, India and Vietnam, where people in those parts of the world have streamed his YouTube videos over 14 million times!