1. Palsy Dream Euthymia 4:33

The word Euthymìa, etymologically Greek, describes in psychology that “state of mind typical of a non-depressed person, who experiences a serene mood, free from catastrophic and/or problematic fluctuations”.

The choice of name is anything but casual for the power trio made up of guitarist and singer Mykyta Tortora, bassist Christian Tamburi and drummer Emmanuele Sestito. The group’s sound is characterized by a strong post-punk vein, alternative rock with typically shoegaze sounds and strongly dream pop voices, but without depriving itself of a sometimes funk rhythm. In the lyrics emerge strong references to psychology, to the emotional sphere with a discreet and delicate approach of emo matrix and an innate and immediate folk vein.

The formation of Euthymìa, in an embryonic state, sees them participate in the Moca Fest organized by ACREOS in Monfalcone (Trieste), but it is in May 2022 that they reach stability and participate in the Mood Summer Fest organized by the MOOD SOCIAL CLUB of Rende and, on the same evening, he has the opportunity to open at I Botanici. The live activity continues and sees the band performing, among other things, also at the Cafè Retro in Lamezia Terme and at Ostello Bello (Naples) for the “Palchi Belli” review, organized by Tuborg and ROCKIT. The band entered the studio in August 2022 to record the debut EP titled “Naches”, released in November 2022 by Semplicemente Dischi.

SOURCE: Official Bio