Western Haunts has released their new video for the single titled ‘The Bottle’, from their upcoming album of the same name dropping on March 3rd.

That feeling of the buildup, musically, from nothing to something big. This is what got me about ‘The Bottle’. The feeling of being immersed into something of pure musical infusion. Beautifully constructed yet mysteriously presented.

Almost a slight gaze about it. But totally accessible. Make of it what you will, but this is a song you will truly appreciate for being the way it is. The perfect gateway drug for any album from any band.

About Western Haunts

Western Haunts has been a buzzed about name in the Seattle indie scene since the release of their self-titled album Western Haunts in 2014, performing a live session on the world famous radio station KEXP and a number of regional festivals like Seattle’s Bumbershoot. However the soon to be released The Bottle has the potential to raise their profile to the national level.

Dark, cryptic lyrics and a slightly gothic tone add a menacing nuance to the dreamy arrangements, featuring a fantastic, throbbing bassline, emblematic of the creative songwriting process that often began with the bass part first (a rarity for the band previously). The single’s release is paired with an appropriately eerie, music video that depicts two young girls getting ready for their school day with a surreal twist, featuring hazmat suits, medical grade face masks, and a shadowy encounter with a strange figure in a giant bunny costume.

With midwestern Cincinnati roots and band members hailing from Seattle, WA, Western Haunts is composed of Jake Witt (Vocals, keys, drums) Michel Debauge (Keys), Sam Tyner (Guitar, bass), and Nathan Witt (Drums). Across two EPs and four full length albums, this Seattle quartet have slowly sharpened their sweeping harmonics into something that’s nothing short of gorgeously gauzy. With a KEXP-approved dream-pop sound that is a call to Midwestern revival – drenched in reverb and the haze of psychedelia and shoegaze – Listening to Seattle band Western Haunts is like stepping into a hazy, disorienting dream, characterized by layers of synths, reverb-heavy guitar and Jake Witt’s soaring tenor.

For their newest album, The Bottle, band chose to partner with LA based producer and musician Erik Blood (Shabazz Palaces, Tacocat, Moondoggies) who co-produced the album and adds new depth and dimensions to their already formidable sound, invoking 80’s Goth and 90’s Post-Punk influences and bringing it all into a modern pop context. There were elements of this sound emerging on 2017’s Problem Pop, but the help of Blood has allowed them to flesh these ideas out into something even more exciting.

In addition to their appearances on KEXP, the music of Western Haunts can be heard across the nation on CMJ radio stations as well as programming on MTV and FUELTV. As a live act, Western Haunts have been touring and playing bills with artists the likes of Lost In The Trees (ANTI), TEEN (Carpark Records), Said The Whale, Lost Lander, The Lonely Wild, Sam Roberts Band, Sallie Ford, Jessica Lea Mayfield (Nonesuch Records) and The Moondoggies (Hardly Art). The band has been a featured in-studio performer on KEXP, and played premier music festivals such as Seattle’s Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party, The Denver Times Underground Music Showcase and curated shows by Seattle’s The Stranger arts weekly.