Ewan MacFarlane has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Fade out The Fear’, releasing tomorrow (September 8th).

A solid track about mental illness, the lyrics cut no punches and takes the subject head first with a bravado and swagger that’s both powerful and poignant. When done in such a way, accompanied by a powerful hook and memorable music, Ewan delivers an anthem of angst and empathy fit for the stage but meant for the heart.

The fourth single from his upcoming album of the same name, ‘Fate Out The Fear’ gives us what we want as a listener and what we need as a human being. Brilliant.

About Ewan MacFarlane

Indie rock sensation Ewan Macfarlane is back with another awesome hit that transcends boundaries and touches the hearts of all listeners. Following the success of his recent single, ‘You’re Wasted on Me,’ new track ‘Fade Out the Fear’ is a powerful anthem that encourages us to confront mental illness with courage and find hope amidst life’s challenges and the difficult times we are living in.

In ‘You’re Wasted on Me’, Macfarlane showcased his signature songwriting prowess and captivating vocals, which leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens. This mesmerizing track delves into the complexities of longing and desperation, with an anthemic chorus that resonates with audiences from all walks of life. Now, with ‘Fade Out the Fear,’ Macfarlane embarks on a new sonic journey while staying true to the raw energy and honesty that fans have come to expect. This epic single is an inspiring testament to Macfarlane’s growth as a songwriter and musician, solidifying his status as an exciting & diverse upcoming indie solo artist, and definitely one to watch.

‘Fade Out the Fear’ confronts mental illness head-on, urging listeners to break free from the grips of fear and embrace hope. With infectious hooks and relatable themes, this track deserves a spot on your most cherished playlists. It serves as a beacon of strength, reminding us all to hold back from getting caught up in drama and to let ourselves ‘fade out the fear’.

This empowering single is the second release from Macfarlane’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, also titled ‘Fade Out the Fear.’ As an artist known for his consistent output and musical evolution, Ewan Macfarlane’s latest album promises to be a standout in his illustrious career. ‘Fade Out the Fear’ explores new sonic territories, delivering powerful dance-driven soundscapes that complement his raw emotion and infectious melodies.

For those struggling with mental illness, ‘Fade Out the Fear’ offers a message of resilience and hope. Ewan Macfarlane’s poignant lyrics and captivating sound invite listeners to embrace their vulnerabilities and find strength within themselves. The album serves as a guiding light, encouraging us to talk openly about our struggles and fears, fostering a sense of unity among all who listen.

With ‘Fade Out the Fear’, Ewan Macfarlane continues to cement his place as one of the most exciting indie rock artists of our time. As we eagerly await the album’s release, which is planned for next year, it’s clear that this multi-talented artist has once again struck a chord with audiences, inspiring us all to let go of our fears and embrace the power of hope.