Fairy Bones has today premiered their new single titled ‘Wish I Wasn’t Here’. Self-loathing is a plague, especially in the age of crippling comparisons via platforms like Instagram. It feels like an essential part of human nature to look around and think that everyone lives better. They’re more beautiful. They have more money. They have more friends. Phoenix’s Fairy Bones tackle this complex human phenomenon on their stirring new alt-rock single “Wish I Wasn’t This Way.”

Led by frontwoman Chelsey Louise, Fairy Bones have paid their dues in the Phoenix scene. Earning accolades like “Best New Band” from the Phoenix Sun Times in 2015,they’ve put in nearly a decade’s worth of work honing their craft and dedicating their lives to performance. The band has shared stages with a number of celebrated rock acts, like Marcy Playground, Rozwell Kid, and L7. With two full-length albums under their belt, Fairy Bones show their diligence and commitment to making amazing rock anthems.

On their last record, 2018’s 0% Fun, the band had a grit reminiscent of The Pixies. But on “Wish I Wasn’t This Way,” the band explores the softer side of their sound. The single opens with an echoing guitar hook before launching into refrains that sound designed with large spaces in mind. It’s almost as if the band has learned to distill the AZ landscape of canyons and deserts into an open, heart-stirring sound. Louise’s voice is stronger than ever as she belts over driving guitar riffs. She sings, “I lost my mind about a year ago and that’s all I can say / I’ve been fighting the impulse to pack and move away.” The single is about Louise’s struggles with self-hate, and this introspection results in lyrics full of relatable images. We all think about leaving it all behind sometimes. “Wish I Wasn’t This Way” is about facing those fears head on and not giving into despair.

It’s a daily struggle we find ourselves in – to overcome self-hate with self-love. With Louise as our guide through the ravines of doubt and criticism, we can rest knowing we’re in good hands. The only thing left to do is to leave it all on the dance floor, drifting along to Fairy Bones’ anthemic sound.