1. Goodbye (feat. Dementio13) Equinox 3:26

Immersed in an introspective landscape of conflicting and aberrant thoughts and imagination, “Goodbye” is a departure from the norm for modern music but the home territory of Equinox. When accompanied by Dementio13, this collaboration becomes a metaphorical lucid dream in the mind of the likes of Tim Burton or David Lynch via reverent tonality and spatial sonic decadance. By enjoying “Goodbye” you are saying goodbye to monotony and submitting to the dream.

About Equinox
British spoken word artist Equinox will be releasing ‘Goodbye’, a new dark ambient single with freaky electronic crafter Dementio13, who is renowned for his ambient, drum n bass and krautrock influenced work. This collaborative single is sure to please fans of Neu!, Anne Clark, Delia Derbyshire, Coil, John Cooper-Clarke and Throbbing Gristle.

Equinox explains: “It’s about true love. One that you feel will never fade. One that will last for all time. Your lover is your best friend and will never leave your side. Then, the dark side of my poetry appears – the depression that has followed me all my adult life. All alone after the split. All is lost. Life descends into darkness. All is lost.”

When William Blake penned his often recited poem ‘Jerusalem’ about the North West of England (more specifically East Lancashire), he could almost have been unwittingly setting the scene for the work of Equinox. Those ‘dark Satanic mills’ are practically a metaphor for the depression that is prevalent within the poetry and the ‘mental fight’ that has virtually become a daily battle.

The poetry of Equinox takes no prisoners, with subject matter ranging from male suicide to prostitution, but with equal amounts of undying love and devotion. But Equinox isn’t just about poems, but instead stands to break down some misconceptions about the spoken word genre. This artist is already working on his debut album ‘It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full of Sin’, which is planned for release in late spring 2017 and will involve numerous key musical influencers he’s met over the last few years.

Dementio13 is a Cardiff-based producer, who makes music which has been variously described as ‘ambient acide’, ‘electronic post-rock’ and cinematic with Krautrock-influenced drones.

“I received the vocal lines from Equinox and figured that, through repetition, the words would grow in weight as the song went on,” explains Dementio13 (real name Paul). “Then it was a case of building a track that gradually grows with it. Something sombre and evocative that reflected the feeling of regret in the poem.”

Earlier, Equinox collaborated with Welsh outfit Radio Europa on ‘Josephine’ (from their ‘tYDbXx’ album), which led to several guest appearances at their shows. He co-wrote and performed ‘Scream’ with yet another Welsh D.I.Y. lo-fi artist, named Pulco. This same track also features on the recent #MoreInCommon compilation to raise awareness for the ‘Hope Not Hate’ campaign, along with contributions by Chris & Cosey, deux furieuses, The Membranes, Ani Glas, Conformist, and separate tracks from Pulco and Radio Europa. Triggered to action by the senseless death of Jo Cox MP during the EU Referendum campaign, this compilation goes to show that, however diverse artists may be, they all share a common goal of peace and tolerance.

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