1. I'm Gonna Find Out Some Day Joe Symes and the Loving Kind 0:30
  2. No Turning Back Joe Symes and the Loving Kind 0:30
  3. You're Not Coming Back Tomorrow Joe Symes and the Loving Kind 0:30
  4. Fine Line Joe Symes and the Loving Kind 3:20
Acoustic Variations
Acoustic Variations

Joe Symes and the Loving Kind go for a total switch of the gears with their latest outing, an EP titled “Acoustic Variations”.  If you’re lucky enough to know their previous eponymous album, then you will know how much of a departure “Acoustic Variations” is.

This EP is also a total 180° departure from the last album in many ways. It is considerably more subdued in it’s delivery. The album “Joe Symes and the Loving Kind” was a lot more rigid in it’s delivery where as “Acoustic Variations” is more subdued while the band is more comfortable in their surroundings. Some of the songs, such as “Fine Line” almost have a vintage quality to them while “I’m Gonna Find Out Some Day” gives the hooks of a modern classic of a band with experience.

What we have here are four solid tunes stripped to the bone and given a fresh body of shear creativity to inhabit. Let that be a lesson to any band or artist who wants to “make it” in the music business.


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About Joe Symes and the Loving Kind
JOE SYMES & The Loving Kind are a 3 piece rock band from liverpool/ UK. Playing gigs in & around the north west, Also LIVE radio sessions & magazine interviews around the world & UK.

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