Blu Denim and Blu Denim Music Group announce the official release of “Gucci Scarf Featuring The Migos”. The artist has also launched new social networks to provide hip hop fans with new music, events, artist updates and giveaways.

Blu Denim’s release of “Gucci Scarf Featuring The Migos” has received a great response from radio and hip hop fans. The single has quickly gained new fm markets in the South, South East and West including Columbus, Augusta, Charleston, Reno, Ocean City, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Greenville, Fayetville and Huntsville with over 10 new markets.

Blu Denim is quickly becoming one of the hottest new hip hop artist to follow. For more information or booking please refer to the artist website, networks or contact email. Follow Blu Denim for a chance to win merchandise, tickets or gift cards.

Contact & Booking: Atnational@gmail.com