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Introducing: Brock Davisson
I fired up the net-work, and poured my 1st cup of coffee. Something told me I was going to discover something beautiful today. I went to sit back down at my desk, and there he was, at the top of my time line, Brock Davisson.

The video was shared by: Blackie Starks. Front man for Maximus, who is signed with CBM_Records. I already know that Blackie, has a natural taste for good talent. I viewed it, shared it, and loved it! Brock, already had over 35 shares at the time, and he liked his own video that was shared too The 1st Shot Music Timeline. I couldn’t believe it! And so I shot him a friend request.

He accepted it, and it wasn’t soon after we started rapping. Here check it out!

When did you start playing, and where are you from?
Growing up in Marietta, Ohio. I began playing in 1992, thanks to my brother who wanted a mo-ped but Dad didn’t think it was safe enough for him yet, so he went and bought an old Silver tone guitar with a battery operated Harmony amp. Of course we didn’t know what to do with it, so it stayed under the bed for 6 months or so until something hit us and that was the band Nirvana… I still give them credit for getting me into music along with my Dad. I got into Metal like Metallica & Megadeth. Later I journeyed into the blues such as: Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King. Then I explored Shred Kings like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Which instruments do you play?
I mainly play electric guitar of course, but I have and do dabble in keyboard/synths and bass sometimes. Sure, I try to sing even if I sound like a frog ha-ha. I’ll give a shot at anything that makes sounds basically ha-ha.

Describe your musical interests and abilities.
Well I’m interested in it all ha-ha. The more you soak up the better you are in the end, even if you don’t use it. I love vinyl/records. I used to have a collection of 2,000 a few years back but ended up selling them due to needing money. I just got back into it again and have around 58 records now and more are coming I’m sure lol. What are my abilities? Well, I’m not sure… I’m able to make you rock, cry, or like me. Some may hate me ha-ha: P

What famous musicians inspire you?
I could be here for day’s lol. As I said in the beginning it was nirvana and then metal kings like Metallica/Megadeth and what not. I still jam to those off and on still, but I grew up and evolved into the blues later. Right now I am very inspired by Johnny Winter (Who just died, R.I.P.) and Otis Rush, T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and a lot of bands that do the whole stoner-rock/doom-rock/psychedelic-rock, old and new.

What is some of your best musical memories? Say at your house or in your neighborhood. The 1st memory ever made in front of a crowd. You choose the direction.
Well this one time I was drunk (when i used to drink many moons ago ha-ha). My brother and I, along with 2 friends were in my parent’s garage. We ended the night by going back into me and my brother’s room. I wheel into the bathroom, shut the door, and use the restroom. All of a sudden I’m lying on the ground, flipped backwards in my wheelchair.

Now this was told by my brother and 2 friends as I don’t remember doing that being wasted and all ha-ha. Apparently, they heard a thud and go in and pick me back up. I end up doing it again! I was trying to get off the door, but my wheelchair was hitting the wall, and I was popping wheelies, and tipping backwards ha-ha. That is a great memory!

The other great memory is being on stage for the 1st time. This was back in June of 2010. I get this call from Jeremiah Welch, on Facebook. I never talked to him before, but he got my number somehow and was interested in me playing music with him, and his band.

They had a Jerry Garcia 25th B-day bash gig to attend without a lead guitar player… so we talked, and I ended up going to 2 practices with them, and ended up on the stage for the first time. I did a one hour set with them. I was so freaking nervous but it was fun!

What public events do you have coming up?
Well I’d like to say I had something coming up but I don’t. I’m only semi-famous on Facebook right now ha-ha. Although I did get word that David B. Wells wants me to jam with him during a jazz festival that is local around here in September. I haven’t gave my word on that as of yet. Right now the only event is just promoting myself online as much as possible, and trying to get people to believe in me and help contribute to my “Make a CD” fund called: Little Man With Big Dreams.

What would you say to starting musicians, who are nervous?
Keep being nervous, it makes you or breaks you, and if it breaks you, well then maybe it wasn’t meant to be? No seriously, never give up even if you are nervous. I’ve been playing 22 years and still get nervous lol. Learn all that you can, play in front of people as often as you can, and the nervousness will subside.

How do you balance your music with your family and friends?
Easy…. My friends and family include my Guitar, along with the music I listen too ha-ha…. On a serious note, I don’t get out much and don’t have too many close friends. I have tons of “friends” online, but not many that I do anything with, since i don’t get out much. It’s an easy balance, unless I start getting popular and partying like a rock-star….. NOT! lol.

Should we be expecting anything new? If so give info.
Well not really except if God is willing, then I hope a CD by 2015 or after, only if enough funding is achieved: (click here to fund me)

 Where can we follow your career at?
You can find me on Facebook music page here –(click here) or on YouTube here –(click here) and twitter here -(click here)

Gibson SG Standard – Brock Davisson

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