Swedish artist Mårten Lärka will release a double single titled ‘Parfum De Nuit’ & ‘Je Suis Un Rocker’ on October 9th.

Part Sparklehorse, part Wilco, all Mårten, there is an honest touch of earnest and hint of alternative in this pair of original tracks sung in French that gives the listener a part of his heart and all of his feeling. Beautiful.

About Mårten Lärka

Mårten Lärka is an Alt Pop oriented singer/songwriter/troubadour from Sweden. He’s definitely one of a kind and one of a very few Swedes who sings original songs in French.

The music is minimalistic and can be Rock ‘N’ Roll or lullabies, sometimes a mixture of both. The lyrics are a mix of pure charm and humor with modern society in focus. ‘Parfum De Nuit’ is from the new album ‘Alléz, Alléz’ (2020), whilst ‘Je Suis Un Rocker’ is an older number from the album ‘Alouette’ (2016).