Tómas Welding is set to drop his upcoming single titled ‘Arcade’ from his upcoming album releasing on November 6. Starting off solid and continuing that original hook throughout, Tómas Welding shows himself to be the consummate songwriter and accomplished artist in ‘Arcade’.

Smooth and with an even flow, ‘Arcade’ will definitely add to the already 5 million streams his music as already garnered and further solidify his name into the new music scene.

About Tómas Welding

Iceland’s 22-year-old rising star Tómas Welding is about to release his new single ‘Arcade’, taken from his forthcoming debut album which will also feature ‘Lifeline’ which has now gathered over 5 million streams.

‘Arcade’ is an uptempo, Alt Pop track, with a mysterious, haunting feel to it. It’s written as a metaphor that holds a double meaning. Everyone can relate in some way or another to a person playing a game, or playing hard to get, but sometimes the game seems to have no end – and you debate to stay or leave.

Tómas also suffers with Tourette Syndrome but is obsessed with creating. He is first and foremost a musician but he is also a fantastic photographer, videographer and graphic designer and creates all of his artwork and visuals himself.

“Are you optimistic by nature? In love? Do you believe in unicorns? Boy, do we have the pop act for you. Tómas Welding is like if chocolate cake had offspring with a lollipop: sugary, sweet and slick as hell. But be assured, he has a great voice and solid EDM composition.

His upcoming album is a collaboration between Tómas and his producer, Pálmi from Rok Records – the one that brought you brilliant pop acts like Glowie and Bríet. So don’t despair, just saddle up that unicorn and ride into the sugary sunset with your anime sparkling eyes. Doesn’t that feel good?” -The Reykjavík Grapevine.