Nick Eng is an artist with as much experience as he has talent. Originally from Reno, Nevada, Nick’s music now spans the world with it’s original style and creative flare.

What we are doing today is attempting to document the evolution of an artist through their music. More precisely, their music videos.

‘The One For You Is Me’ (2018)

Almost an homage to the beat rockers and the Mersey Sound of the early ’60s, Nick is already showing a penchant for that classic hook with his own creativeness infused within with this fun track and video that has that certain endearing quality that shows the world this is an artist who likes to have fun and record an old school styled new song. Let this be the gateway drug for what is to come.

‘For Tonight’ (2019)

In a seemingly almost ‘Twilight Zone’ level of a twist, more layers are added to Nick’s music and said music is taken to the next level in every way possible. ‘For Tonight’ couldn’t even be considered a double single, if bundled with ‘The Only One For You Is Me’. It’s not even from the same artist, figuratively. This is a new man who recorded this. The influence is still apparent, as it is with all musicians. But, there is more depth. More substance. A serious turn is beginning to form.

‘Reminiscing’ (2019)

That style spoken about above is now almost complete in its and rooted. What I mean is Nick’s music is becoming signature by this point. Visually, there is a major departure. While the previous videos had their own ways about them, this is a clear and conscious effort to visually accompany that signature. And it works. Nick is becoming a brand. And that is a good thing. Brands are recognizable. Brands become memories. And music can be the soundtrack to those memories. And Nick knows that.

‘The One For You Is Me’ (Live at Lazy 5 Summer Music Series) (2021)

And, here, we have come full circle. We are back to the start, in a way. We get the first song in this article, a few years on and live. We hear the differences. The song is beefier, a bit faster, and more accessible. The original was too, but, with a combination of this being live as well as a more mature and experienced Nick, there is more of a confidence and charisma factor. This is more seasoned. This makes me want to see him live.

About Nick Eng

Nick Eng is a singer-songwriter and recording artist from the Biggest Little City of Reno, Nevada. Eng’s music is the epitome of driving and jangly pop-rock topped off with a shimmering polish. Along with his catchy compositional skills, he also plays a plethora of instruments, including guitar, bass, piano, drums, and of course, his vocal cords.

Since 2015, Eng has worked tirelessly as an independent and freelance musician on the West Coast and has released two studio albums: One self-titled in 2018 and Long Shot in 2019. Both albums have received critical praise and have sold out multiple times. His pop confections have managed to reach fans and audiences not just in the United States, but also the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, France, and even Japan. He has become a recognized musician locally and abroad while receiving regular radio spins, thousands of streams, news accolades, and songwriter awards.

Backed by his high-energy band, Nick Eng is a witty powerhouse showman. He regularly performs and tours in Northern Nevada and the West Coast and has shared the stage with acclaimed, fellow independent artists including Dante Elephante, BOYO, Anton Barbeau, and Mo Troper

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