Oakrest has released their new video and single titled ‘Shed My Skin’. Sometimes a break can rejuvenate the creativity. What it’s done in the case of Canadian post punk band Oakrest is energize the music. Back to the roots and forward to the future, Oakrest invigorate an already infectious track and give it a signature touch and relevance for fans of any aspect of the #indie scene.


Hello Oakrest! How does it feel to be releasing music again?

It feels honestly amazing to release music again. During Covid, both of our singles Nothing Serious, and Love for One Day were spread out in the span of a year, because those were the only songs written at the time. However, now we have the rest of the record done and ready to be released into the world!

What changes did you make to your sound in ‘Shed Your Skin’?

So we actually felt like we went back to our roots a bit for Shed My Skin, but in a different way. If any one noticed Nothing Serious and Love for One Day are more pop driven, while Shed My Skin gives the listeners a sound that sort of feels nostalgic. Records like Under Soil and Dirt by The Story So Far were the main influence when discussing what sound we wanted this song to sound like.

There is such an energy to this new one, where can we expect to hear this new stuff live?

So if any one visited us at our recent shows at The Bovine Sex Club, and The Jam Spot, we actually played Shed My Skin for the first time live. However, we may take a pause on shows for a few months to practice our new material for upcoming shows in the summer of 2022.

Tell us more about your upcoming debut album!

All we can really say, is that this is our best work yet. Listeners, old or new, I feel will really enjoy it.

It seems 2022 is going to be Oakrest’s year, what’s the plan after the album is finally out?

Once the record is out, we plan to tour across Ontario to promote it, and play as many shows as we can, to hopefully gain some new fans along the way.

About Oakrest

Oakrest is a 4 piece band based out of Newmarket ON, Canada. Oakrest’s sound mixes elements of modern pop-rock/pop-punk bands such as Fountains Of Wayne, New Found Glory, blink-182 to newer age bands such as Seaway, Neck Deep and Young Culture. “Oakrest are masters at rhythm filled hooks and dreamy melodies.” says Bridjet Mendyuk of New Noise Magazine.

While Oakrest used to be all about fast paced guitar and distortion, they have found their unique sound with a much easier listen like in tracks such as Nothing Serious. While Oakrest writes about topics such as heartbreak, feeling alone etc. you’ll find the music behind the words is very uplifting, positive and fun to move along too.