Roqy Tyraid has released his new video for the track titled ‘Tyraid Tuesday 10’. With the lyrics sung subtle like an assault rifle, Roqy sounds off with beautiful rebellion and lyrics meant for kings within a track too short for most yet just right for all. This is how to utilize the mic. By getting the point across like a sonic Picasso. Take this to heart after filtering it through your mind.

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About Roqy Tyraid & ‘Tyraid Tuesday 10’

Roqy Tyraid returns with the tenth instalment of his heralded series with “Tyraid Tuesday 10” produced by UK Grime legend Silencer aka Teddy Music.

The second collaboration between PHX, US emcee and LDN, UK producer sees Roqy Tyraid showcasing impressive lyricism, rewindable wittiness, and a penchant for engaging topical subject matter he’s become known for — but with a fresh twist courtesy of the man Silencer.

This is a necessary listen.