Pitou has released her new video and single titled ‘Big Tear’. the first thing you will notice is that Pitou is a singer that feels the lyrics. Knows the song on a deeper level. Embraces it with that same emotion she cultivated when she wrote it. She becomes the music. She is the song. This is that initial carry-away with I get. But, you must remember that first hook that brought you to the play button. The song is that good.

The marriage between musician and music that works perfectly. You don’t move on after a few notes. You can’t fudge the slider around trying to find the hook. The song IS the hook. And that hook has you. The audio equivalent of a David Lynch film. The cool kids all mention him but few remember any film titles. They just heard through the grapevine that he was a good and original director. This is that with the added listen and staying power. Stay a while longer.

About Pitou

The music of Amsterdam-born singer and songwriter Pitou is characterized by her mesmerizing, multicolored voice, and her unique compositions. Enchanting tales, moving from delicate and intimate to grand and orchestral. As a child she sang in a professional classical children’s choir. In search of independence she started writing her own music.

Her latest single “Big Tear” is the perfect example of her love to blend pop music with classical instrumentation. Showcasing unexpected harmonies and song-structures, vocal layering and poetic, storytelling lyrics, the song transcends into a beautiful kaleidoscope of hypnotic rhythms. The harp loop mirrors the feeling of an angry, but not bitter energy, similar to a child unable to solve a puzzle due to not having learned the tools. Pitou explains, “This went well with the lyrics, a formative childhood memory translated into a fable.”

With a fearlessness towards weirdness, there are no boundaries to the music of Pitou. She shares, “I tend to write songs that serve a personal purpose. A bit of hopefulness or light that I need, a reminder of something I should give more attention, a guideline for how I’d want to live my life, or just the processing of something that’s happened. The underlying theme is often ‘how to be human’. I suppose the upcoming album could also be seen as a sort of ‘How To Human’ guide, one that I needed at the time.”

Pitou has garnered acclaim from the likes of The Independent, BBC 1, BBC 6 Music and Radio X, and has performed all over Europe (UK, Turkey, France, Italy, Belgium and more), in venues such as Paradiso (NL) and L’Olympia (FR) and festivals such as The Great Escape (UK) and Best Kept Secret (NL).

The unique musical universe that Pitou has carved out for herself has become even more substantial – a translation of this modern world into intriguing, richly layered musical tales.