Gatton releases his new video for the acoustic version of the track ‘Heroes, Hookers, Pastors & Pilots’. Nothing, to me, gives more credence and credibility than to let a song stand on its own. Naked in front of the world. This is what we get with the acoustic version of ‘Heroes, Hookers, Pastors & Pilots’. Honesty and earnestness. This is beautiful.

‘‘Heroes, Hookers, Pastors, and Pilots’ is an invitation to journey through my personal discovery of our shared humanity. In the first verse, the song starts with the recognition of how beneficial it was for me to be told I was not enough because it forced me to search deeper in the tendencies of the people that have hurt me and recognize a common theme…we all long for belonging.

In the chorus, the song quickly transitions to become a letter written to “the heroes, hookers, pastors, pilots, murderers, and those who would never lie” encouraging them to recognize that we are more the same than different because at the end of the day…everybody cries.’

About Gatton

Musician and creative director. Gatton is an artist that has set out to cultivate the concept that “we as human beings are more the same than we are different” in everything that he creates.

Bridging the gap between the conceptual visual realm and the music realm, Gatton offers an innovative perspective on his observations of the heartbreak that comes with love, the restoration that follows heartbreak, and the mysteries of life’s unanswered questions.

A poetic lyricist and a detailed visual artist, Gatton offers a fresh lens on how this world can be viewed.

Mission Statement

Among many of life’s ironies, one of the greatest is the lie that physical or cultural difference among humans make unity impossible. As of now, my curiosity-driven life has allowed me to interview 74 people. Therapists, Influencers, Dancers, Homeless, Doctors, Singers, Students, Widows, and Professors are a few roles of the different people that I have interviewed.

From keen observance of each of their stories, I recognized that the common theme was this: though we have different upbringings and traumas, goals and setbacks, appearances, and tendencies, we all long to love and to be loved and to belong.

I believe when you can allow this concept to truly shift your perspective, then it makes space for things like empathy and forgiveness, and in turn unity. I strive to reveal our shared humanity in everything that I create, journey with me.