Shadi G is set to drop her new single titled ‘Space’ on November 27th. Solid production quality encompasses Shadi’s sensual vocal track with a dragged and smooth beat giving Shadi that perfect grind to groove.

About Shadi G

Shadi G is a Swedish singer-songwriter and producer whose soulful voice and unique RnB/Soul sound is getting the attention of some of Sweden’s largest media outlets. Schooled in Classical music from a young age and growing up with Jazz, RnB, Soul, Hip Hop, and Persian music, Shadi certainly crosses many borders, both in genre and language.

After leaving high school Shadi went to London to learn music production and in 2016 she released her debut single ‘Lost’, which got her played on many of Sweden’s largest stations.

In 2017 she started her own record label, Goldamin Records, from which the second single ‘Where We Go’, was released as well as her EP ‘No Fear’ and singles ‘Disconnection’ and ‘Mind’. A new artist but already carving out a clear space in her field, this is her new single ‘Space’.

“Discussions are quietly surfacing about whether Shadi G may become an important face of contemporary R&B”. – Soundlooks Magazine