Matt Peach has released his new video for the track titled ‘Crush’. With hints of glam rock and a touch of post-punk, Matt Peach gets the groove in the pocket with slyly sexy deliverance and gritty soul meant for the stage. Best when played live, but the video will more than do.

About Matt Peach & ‘Crush’

Crush was inspired after Matt relit his love for glam rock. Just prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, Matt was fortunate enough, by chance, to play with one of his favorite childhood bands, The Darkness, on stage in soundcheck.

“The whole experience was a complete surprise to me! Justin Hawkins gave me his famous white Les Paul to play. Usually, if you put a guitar in my hands I’m emboldened, but holding that guitar – I don’t think I’ve ever been so terrified! Then we absolutely nailed their tune “Love is Only a Feeling” and they were really complimentary of my guitar playing. It was one of the best moments of my life and instantly reconnected my love for all things glam rock.”

Unapologetically ostentatious, Crush was the result, borrowing inspiration from the likes of T-Rex, Prince, and of course; The Darkness. In times like these, Crush re-injects good, old tongue in cheek, fun back into rock n’ roll.

Matt Peach blends powerful no-nonsense guitar riffology with infectious vocal lines, his aim is to bridge the ever-growing chasm between modern pop and rock.

His album Epiphany is his best work to date. Packed with fan favorites such as “Cut Our Teeth”, “Dreaming” and “Paris”, this album sees Matt return to his musical roots, grounded in folk, punk and rock.

In Matt’s words, “I’ve never made a record that is as true to myself as this, and I think it shows. It’s just me making a noise that I like. There’s no reinventing the wheel here. It’s rock n’ roll and I’ve realized that it doesn’t need fixing; it was never broken”

His live stage show is a folk-punk assault on the senses, brimming with passion, angst, and energy. “The most important thing is that everyone goes away from the show feeling a little better than when they walked in” says Matt.