1. Waitin’ For My Dyin’ Day String Bone ft. George Leger III 2:56

With songs that cut deep, String Bone walks in the shoes of downtrodden vagabonds, bravely into the fray of collapsing love, with tales of criss-crossing country journeys and taking downtown back alley shortcuts.

The newest single from String Bone, ‘Waitin’ For My Dyin’ Day’ is no exception; a mysterious character on the brink of the breaking point. Mercy is their desire in life, and in death. A stranger’s kind word, or a stroke of good luck is enough to reveal the power to push on, creating the euphoria of discovering renewed life force. “I’m alive!” soars the song’s chorus, as it moves from bleak darkness into bright illumination, ending with a repetitive plea for mercy. This song was written with Lucifer, the Netflix TV series in mind.

Southern Ontario songwriter Barry James Payne is the architect of String Bone, the artistic vehicle for his solo songwriting. Payne has been writing music and performing live for four decades and has released two full length String Bone albums, ‘nadir’ (2009), ‘Love & Highways’ (2016), along with an EP, several singles and videos. In the last two years, String Bone has received over 200,000 streams and views across all platforms globally, reaching 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. Payne has performed in Europe, the USA and across Canada during his career.

‘Waitin’ For My Dyin’ Day’ is the first single from String Bone’s anticipated third full-length recording, ‘Coping Mechanisms’. Performed, recorded and engineered by Payne at his home studio. Mixed by George Leger III (Utopia Parkway Studios, Las Vegas, NV, USA) and mastered by Bud Bremner (Coastal Mastering, Vancouver, BC, Canada). Co-produced by Barry James Payne & George Leger III. Photo/Cover design by Emma Hefkey Scheduled for release in spring 2022, ‘Coping Mechanisms’ will feature multiple collaborators, including co-producer Las Vegas based Canadian, George Leger III. At least three additional singles will be available online leading up to the full release in 2022.

SOURCE: Official Bio