Pure Phase Ensemble have released another video featuring Mark Gardener of Ride. This  nine minute opus embarks on a journey of the mind as these seasoned musicians trailblaze a new niche into the jamband genre with a stellar piece of music that would be worthy of any musicians most intimate collection. Consider this a how to in musical exploration.

About Pure Phase Ensemble 4:
The latest side project from Ride frontman Mark Gardener – Pure Phase Ensemble 4 has released their latest video for the track ‘Zostań na Noc’, from the album ‘Live at SpaceFest!’. This is the first long-play since the 90s involving Gardener in RIDE’s celebrated space-shoegaze style.

Pure Phase Ensemble is an international music collective, created especially for the SpaceFest festival in Gdansk, an annual event taking place in December thanks to the Nasiono Association. Gdansk plays host to this blossoming music festival, including a special workshop series called Pure Phase Ensemble. This ever-changing collective composes a concert’s worth of music, which they present live to festival-goers.

The programme for each workshop is jointly directed by Ray Dickaty, a British saxophonist improviser and former member of Spiritualized (1997-2002), and Karol Schwarz (KSAS), who also manages Nasiono Records. Alongside them, a new musical curator – a legendary, internationally recognised musician – is invited to co-curate the workshop every year.

During the latest SpaceFest, held at this time last year, Mark Gardener was that co-curator. Past participants include Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Chris Olley (Six By Seven), Steve Hewitt (ex Placebo), and Jaime Harding (Marion). This year, that guest of honor will be Hugo Race, formerly of The Wreckery and Nick Cave’s band The Bad Seeds, and now an internationally based solo artist.

‘Zostań na Noc’ was composed by Pure Phase Ensemble 4 with lyrics by Michal Pydo of Polish alternative pop band Hatifnats. Other participants in Pure Phase Ensemble 4 include Michal ‘Kostek’ Stolc (Cisza nocna), Kamil Hordyniec and Jacek Rezner (both from the band Wilga).

SpaceFest 2016 takes place this week in Gdansk, Poland and will involve such artists as The Telescopes, Lights That Change, Tau (involving members of Dead Skeletons and The Soft Moon), Folder Plays Red, Dyn, Snowid, Zimowa, Lotry, Dr. Switchoff, Kairon; IRSE! and Australian Hugo Race (from Nick Cave’s band The Bad Seeds, The Wreckery and The True Spirit). This year, Hugo Race is the frontman of Pure Phase Ensemble, which will also feature musicians from Polish bands Lord & The Liar, Ze Velocipedes, Daktari and C4030. As ever, the line-up will be completed by Karol Schwarz. The week-long workshop culminates in a live performance on December 5, which once again will be recorded and released in physical form in 2016.

Pure Phase Ensemble 4 ‘Live at SpaceFest!’ is currently available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify and the CD is also available on the Nasiono Records website.


  1. Intro
  2. Morning Rise*
  3. Notatki**
  4. Zostań na Noc***
  5. Peter Song*
  6. Doing My Head In***
  7. Happy Dancing Woman***

+ Bonus track: Happy Dancing Woman (Ummagma Radio Edit)

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