First off, let me start right from the “get-go” and say that this is a beautiful piece of music. Both ethereal and transcendental as if here to float you through a dream when you press play, Lights That Change have mastered the musical journey in ways not heard since Mazzy Star. Well done!

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About Lights That Change:
Lights That Change is back with a new single ‘Song To The Siren’, a cover version that pays homage to one of their favourite compositions, therein presenting a delicious pre-holiday freebie for their followers.

Lights That Change is an alternative dreampop outfit, hailing from North Wales and headed by producer Marc Joy. They released their debut EP Rainbow On Your Shoulder’ in 2013, followed by ‘Whispers in February’ Already in 2015, they have released two single ‘Voices’ and ‘Starlight’ via Raphalite Records, both to critical acclaim. The Welsh collective has received notable support from BBC, Tom Robinson, and Amazing Radio, among others.

Over the past year, Lights That Change have undergone a reformation, with Mandy Clare on vocals, John Bryan on bass and Marc Joy on guitars. They plan to release their debut album ‘Byzantium’ in early 2016 via UK label Raphalite Records. The LP will feature guest vocals by Rebecca Palin (Golden Fable) and drums by Malcolm Holmes (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark).

Like the previous singles ‘Voices’ and ‘Starlight’, this new version haunts and is chalked full of ethereal wave magic. Vocalist Mandy Clare delivers mesmerizing vocals amidst a minimalistic trance-inducing guitar design with an incredibly calming effect.

Lights That Change’s release is timed to coincide with the start of one of Eastern Europe’s biggest psych fests – SpaceFest, which takes place this week in Gdansk, Poland and will also involve such artists as The Telescopes, Tau (involving members of Dead Skeletons and The Soft Moon), Folder Plays Red Lof, Dyn, Snowid, Zimowa, Lotry, Dr. Switchoff, Kairon; IRSE! and Hugo Race (from Nick Cave’s band The Bad Seeds, The Wreckery and The True Spirit).