Flat Worms have today released their new single titled ‘Time Warp In Exile’, from their upcoming LP ‘Witness Marks’, releasing September 22nd via God? Records.

Way too short to be this good, Flat Worms sets the tone for the rest of my day. Also too good for a first single, the band teases me like a girl with a sultry smile from across the room. To say this is a trio is an understatement., This is a power trio, and from that I can say pure power. Retrotastic in scope and grade A snark in execution, I get that feel good anarchist vibe from the heyday of brit punk while realizing that this future is bright with bands like Flat Worms.

About ‘Witness Marks’

Flat Worms’ are announcing their new LP, Witness Marks, which is coming out on Ty Segall’s Drag City imprint GOD?, with their first single, “Time Warp In Exile”. The band’s first single, and new record, still has hints of the garage-punk of their past work but looks to 80s hardcore, as well as contemporaries like Viagra Boys, Fontaines DC, and Parquet Courts, to create an urgency that undergirds the emotional turmoil and loss that connects these songs and the three longtime friends and bandmates. Flat Worms are looking inward this time, outlining personal space in relation to themselves and others – sometimes, even people they barely know. Among the slabs of slate-grey discontent, the flowers of compassion are blooming, and the simmering power of their trio grows exponentially.

Each member of Flat Worms, lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Will Ivy, drummer Justin Sullivan (Kevin Morby) and bassist Tim Hellman (OSEES) have navigated through the depths of their personal hardships in the four years since the band released Antarctica in early 2020. The democracy of working together, so often messy and frustrating, was found to be a powerful release for the trio. Acting as one, Flat Worms navigated their personal burdens by coming together, finding release in the clockwork repetitions of practice and the shared creative space they occupied together against the encroaching world.