BIO Najas is a folk rock duo in rural Powers, Oregon. Lead singer and guitarist Myco Stassens, and niece Meadow Stassens on banjo and vocals. Najas released their song “Gift Horse (Sketch)” early 2023, a bare bones version of their upcoming single.

Najas’ songs reach for oasis like the the water plants they’re named after, but end up lost in brown grass, wildfire smoke, and personal ghosts offering a dark respite of their own. Najas’ storytelling spine draws from ghost stories and folklore, and its palette pulls from classic rock, the high lonesome sound, and American folk as Mike Seeger once defined it, all the music that fits between the cracks.

Myco & Meadow’s past project, Old Mamalahoa, saw the release of Ohia EP, which played on Jefferson Public Radio’s rotation from 2019-21.

SOURCE: Official Bio