Foster the People have released a new video for their single ‘Doing It For The Money,’ from new album Sacred Hearts Club. The video, directed by Daniel Henry, was created using Google’s DeepDream technology and is one of the first music videos to do so. DeepDream is a computer vision which uses a convolutional neural network to find and enhance patterns in images, thus creating a dream-like hallucinogenic appearance.

Speaking on the video, Henry says: “In researching more about the DeepDream world, I loved the idea of letting the collective unconscious of the internet play a part in the forming the music video. At any moment you can freeze frame and start to see a cryptic narrative that unfolds in infinite degrees. You might see a dog, or a dinosaur, or a dead president in these hallucinations, or it could just be projections of our inner turmoil.”

Watch the video for ‘Doing It For The Money’ below.

Following appearances at Lollapalooza and Osheaga, Foster the People will perform at other major festivals including Bumbershoot Festival and The Meadows Music & Arts Festival during their headline tour this autumn.

Sacred Hearts Club is available physically, digitally and on vinyl now. Special packages are available in the band’s merch store.