Foxxglove has today released her new single titled ‘Family Ties’. Foxxglove is an artist that has her own unique style that works on the senses and stays with you long after that first listen. She is a future legend. Enough said. Now, having said that, ‘Family Ties’ is a song that diverges between that future classic route while amping up said unique style and sounding fresher than anything you could realize. This is a song that blends the mind and melds the heart with a electronic orchestration that becomes that soundtrack to a future special moment.

Foxxglove says about the track:

“This song is one of the more personal songs I’ve wrote, it came from a very dark and painful time in my life. I got the opportunity to work with singer songwriter Violet Skies, during the writing session I had some lyrics expressing my hurt about a situation in my family, I was devastated and hurt. I remember thinking it was too dramatic to use the words I’d written in a song, Violet said to me ‘imagine them hearing this song on the radio, what do you want to say’ and Family Ties was born. Family is complex and vulnerable, I hope anyone going through a similar situation can find comfort and healing in this song – I know I did writing it.”

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About Foxxglove & ‘Family Ties’

Foxxglove returns with a brand new raw and emotional single ‘Family Ties’. Family Ties is an emotional track about the breakdown and betrayal of family and family members. A very personal but relatable tale about how fragile family is and how much it hurts when one of your own hurts you. The helplessness, confusion and devastation all captured in this beautiful track, co wrote with Violet Skies and produced by James Minas.

Foxxglove is an alt / dark pop artist from Ferndale in the South Wales Valleys, based in Cardiff. Taking inspiration from her own life experiences, film and art to tell a story that captures peoples hearts; her raw and open emotion seeps through every part of her music.

Since debuting as an artist she has achieved so much from her very first performance in July 2019, playing Swn Festival, Hub festival, In It Together Festival, Rebel Fest, BBC 6 Music festival fringe and Focus Wales Festival. Her third single ‘High on Hope’ got played on Tom Robinson’s show on BBC Radio 6 Music.