Friend of a Friend have today premiered their new video for the track titled ‘everyplane’ from their recently released album ‘FACILITIES’, recorded with M83‘s Jordan Lawlor.

Starting sonically as if almost an immersion into a subtle little world all your own, ‘everyplane’ feels like one of those captured moments meant just for you and that can never be taken away. Just enough vulnerability to make it personally accessible while remaining friendly enough to welcome you into it’s imperfect capture.

The video feels more like a diary than a montage. Considering that this was compiled from tour footage, maybe that says a lot as to the intimacy of a Friend of a Friend show. What I see between the frames is a signature sound become a visual piece of art as the video progresses. Life, love, and introversion are in the subtleties, and Friend of a Friend make that cracked door to creative enlightenment just a little more cracked for those looking for inspiration.

“We imagined this song as the first track of the b-side to an album. There is a driving feeling to it that very much taps into our DNA as a band. Something unknown and familiar at the same time. We took the footage from our tour to the West Coast earlier this year and then had some time to sit with it. We make these videos in a similar way to how we make music: working with moments or pieces that are meaningful, inspiring, or even sort of nag at us. To then let the video come out as it wants to.”
Jayson and Claire

About Friend of a Friend

“American visionary duo” Friend of a Friend (Claire Molek, Jason Savsani) formed in the summer of 2020 after a lifetime just missing one another. The band describes the process as an almost supernatural experience. “It’s difficult to remember life before the band,” notes Molek, “the opportunity to make music together has completely changed how we relate to ourselves and the world around us.”

FOAF’s debut album In Arms, an intimate blend of folk, post and art rock, recorded on tape in Nashville, was independently released in late May of 2022. Since then, they’ve toured relentlessly throughout Europe and North America. The duo is celebrated for their cinematic, fiercely experiential performance that incorporates a distorted Flamenco guitar, a midi controller and intense physicality.

Their sophomore album FACILITIES was recorded in-studio in Joshua Tree, California with Jordan Lawlor (M83, J. Laser). Influences include “Portishead, M83, The Kills & Jose Gonzalez had a baby in the desert during the end of your favorite movie.” Since the waterfall release of the album the band has been named an artist to watch by Rolling Stone, the “indie rock band taking the scene by storm” by Wonderland Magazine, featured in Under the Radar.

SOURCE: Official Bio