S O U L S (David Gledhill) has today premiered the new video for the track titled ‘The Journey’ from their upcoming album ‘Electronic States’, dropping this summer via Mini Dog Records.

Life as a lifestyle, David brings the Balearic Islands to the world with a welcome letter embedded in ‘The Journey’. The subtle feeling of hope and wonder permeate the lyrics and embed themselves into each and every note, hopefully giving the listener that sense of self and realization that there is a better place in this world.

While this could be considered a dance track, the movement of the music and the overall hook takes it a step further into mesmerization and awe that a simple beat could take you to that better place.

About S O U L S

Following on from recent single ‘Through The Storm’ featuring the vocals of Chicago house legend Robert Owens, ‘The Journey’ continues its Balearic theme and is an inspired blend of hypnotic grooves and meticulous sound design, evoking hot, romantic Ibiza-ian summers. David says: “‘The Journey’ was me really wanting to do the most Balearic and chilled Ibiza track possible. I wanted the track to feel reflective but also uplifting and hopeful. Very much paying homage to The Beloved & Inner City, but with my own contemporary vision of Balearic house. I think it’s the most chilled out track on the forthcoming album.”

S O U L S is a project that David Gledhill began back in 2012. In the throes of bereavement for his late wife, David found solace in rare vocal field recordings made in 1920’s/30s/40s America, of mostly unknown singers. Over the next five years he immersed himself. Searching and listening to thousands of these rare recordings. Trying to find inspiration to build new songs from.

And in 2015, the debut single ‘I Wait for You’, which featured an extraordinary unknown female singer recorded in 1929, became a word-of-mouth sensation championed by BBC 6 Music, Radio 1, Radio X, Q Magazine, i-D, Clash and more. A number 2 position on the Spotify Viral chart soon led to David being signed by Columbia Records.

The finished album came out in October 2016, and was the completion of David’s own emotional journey. Making the record was an obsession, but also therapy for him. Bringing lost voices back to life for a new generation of listeners to discover. The album’s title ‘Release’ refers to their escape from obscurity but also David’s own path back to music.

In 2020, on the sophomore album ’SOON’, David began collaborating with living artists such as RoRo, Joshua Idehen and grime rapper, Big Zuu. The album’s lead single ‘We Will Walk’, a melancholic hip-hop inspired beat, featured an electrifying cameo from Big Zuu. A highlight was performing the song live together with the London community gospel choir as part of 1xtra’s Grenfell Tribute live from Maida Vale.

That was nearly 4 years ago, and in that time, David has been working hard on his 3rd album ‘ELECTRONIC STATES’. Working solely with today’s vocalists, David has now adopted the S O U L S moniker as his producer name. The new record is a sonic & visual celebration of David’s love of Ibiza and balearic music. David and his family spend as much time as possible on the white isle, and the album was recorded there and in his UK home by the sea in Deal. David has also shot hours of footage of Ibiza which he has used to make videos for some of the new songs.

Veteran DJ / producer / singer Robert Owens provides the extraordinary lead vocal for the first single ‘Through the Storm’. A further 5 remixes showcase the Berlin based singer’s emotionally charged vocals. Robert also provides the lead vocal for another song on the album and for David, it has been a real privilege to work with Owens.

‘ELECTRONIC STATES’ will be coming out in May and David has designed an all encompassing gatefold vinyl version complete with a photo montage of his time in Ibiza.