As first-ever ‘Future Sound‘ voted Progressive Trance track on Future Sound of Egypt, Monoverse‘s ‘Avenoir‘ captured the hearts and ears of thousands of tranceheads by storm with its world premiere on FSOE450. Gaining wide support by artists such as Aly & Fila, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and many more, the New Jersey based producer sets sail to new progressive horizons.

The heavenly intro, beautiful and rare in its composition, filled with wistful piano riffs and strings creates an orchestral atmosphere that is undeniably looking for an equal. Leading into an electrifying bridge dominated by pulsing synth and softly pounding basslines, Avenoir evolves to a perfectly harmonic Progressive Trance dreamer.

Beautifully crafted synths and the surprisingly calm vibe guarantee a moment of daydreaming pleasure before entering a crowning break filled with magnificent melodic beauty.

With Avenoir Monoverse proofs once more he is a name to have big and bright on the A&R radar. His signature blend of progressive patterns and melodic vibes surely opens doors for a new exciting decade of Trance class.