Full Blown Meltdown is a one man band hailing from Huntsville, AL, fronted by singer/songwriter Will Green. The project began in 2021 when Green and his best friend/producer, Tony McVaney (aka TMcV, ERGOtheEGO), got together in a tiny bedroom studio.

What started as a ‘for fun’ writing session ended up feeling far too big to be a simple one and done project. Green began writing song after song, and TMcV’s production rapidly improved as they quickly discovered a sound they both couldn’t believe worked so well for them.

After recording an entire 11 song debut album, Green wrote 3 more singles to release prior, hoping to catch traction on social media and in the musical world. Little did he know the affect that the first single would have would be enormous to his social media presence.

Full Blown Meltdown’s social pages exploded almost instantly with the anticipation of the debut songs (Let Me Hang) release. Over 7,000 people followed him on Instagram, and over 7,000 more on TikTok, followed by over 2,200 people on Twitter as well! Before a note from the first song had even been released, Green saw over 550 people Pre-save his first single and was followed by over 600 people on Spotify alone.

After the release, and amassing his first thousand monthly listeners with just a single, Green began preparation for his second single, ‘Party With Villains’. After only 3 days of the pre-save being available, over 650 people had saved the song, and it continues to grow daily.

With all the excitement came a flurry of label offers for the album, as well as being picked up by manager Will Stevenson (ex-VP of the Artery Foundation), and a frenzy of booking agents trying to snatch him up.

SOURCE: Official Bio