Jammerzine has an interview with John Treanor from Tombstones In Their Eyes. With their new album titled ‘Sea Of Sorrow’ releasing today via Kitten Robot Records, we get a special conversation with the mastermind behind the music and the tales behind the songs.

And in today’s interview, we get into TITE’s unique blend of sounds and how that original sound came to be as well as the evolution of both the band and their music and thoughts of ‘Sea Of Sorrow’ from their leader.

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About Tombstones In Their Eyes & ‘Sea Of Sorrow’

“The songs on Sea Of Sorrow were inspired by my life experience, my ups and downs and my imagination,” says John Treanor. “Almost all of our songs are at least semi-autobiographical, and I let my feelings guide me as I write. The best songs just seem to flow out with little effort, although getting that vibe into the final tracks can be challenging and that takes some effort. The album contains what I thought were the best songs I have written over the past two or three years.”

As with past TITE records, the band expertly utilizes their psychedelic and shoegaze influences, wielding heavy, fuzzed-out guitars over reverb-drenched, dreamy vocals and precise melodies. Showcasing this, opening track “Trapped” features a propulsive guitar solo bridge that adds a sense of urgency. On “Life,” the instrumentals collide to create a wall of fuzz as Treanor muses about wanting to go back in time to undo past wrongs.

Slowing down the tempo, “Heart” leads with a gentle guitar riff that spotlights his lyrics about following instincts in matters of love. “A Way Out,” finds Treanor reaching to a higher register of his voice, coalescing with looping guitar passages while highlighting the dulcet backing vocals of Courtney Davies.

“As far as what’s different, obviously we’ve really been getting into harmonies,” says Treanor about the growth since their last record A Higher Place. “The bigger change artistically is that as a songwriter, I have a better sense of who I am and I feel even more comfortable expressing myself.”

Featured image by Karin Johansson.