Gae Vinci has just premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Summer Is Too Long’, releasing tomorrow, from his upcoming album ‘Lonely Ballads’.

Darkly fantastic in all the right ways, the video becomes a visual aid to a song that is already steeped in it’s own originality and finding solace in your heart by becoming that ‘next big thing’ you just listened to.

Showing that style that Gae has honed and felt on every level, we hear the experimentation and feeling in the notes and noise that Gae calls his home. As pure of a soundscape that I can remember, Gae has created a world with ‘Summer Is Too Long’ that’s hard to escape when you hear it, but would you want to?

About Gae Vinci & ‘Summer Is Too Long’

“Summer Is Too Long” is the third single that anticipates the release of “Lonely Ballads”, the debut album for Gae Vinci, sicilian musician who’s quickly gaining the status of “one to watch”.

The song is a love declaration to shoegaze songwriting: a short acoustic guitar intro, then the sound explodes into a 6 minute trip, driven by a furious drumming engine fuelled by reverberated guitars.

Suddenly a more melancholic and almost sweet riff, paired with ethereal vocals, take us into a labyrinth of narrow alleys, like it’s London in Summer ’91 again.

Where Gae Vinci’s previous single “All The Times” showcased a dreamy temper, “Summer Is Too Long” gets closer to the core of his musical vision.

“I wrote the song a few years ago, it was mid-August and for the very first time at the peak of the summer I found myself in Milan, with the city looking like a desert. To see streets and squares usually packed and busy being so empty and spacey was a real surprise, giving me a new sense of dimension and perspective.”