Krea has today released her new single titled ‘Don’t Tell Me’. Having globally performed with artists like Hozier, Lisa Hannigan, and Wallis Bird, shows what that experience and more has led to.

Starting slow and building beautifully to a lush crescendo, ‘Don’t Tell Me’ takes the Madonna classic to a new level on a different world and making this a quasi original more than a remake.

Slowed down and intensified, this rendition becomes a smooth classic in it’s own right with a little creativity and loads of originality. This will find the track a whole new fanbase.

About Krea

‘Don’t Tell Me’ follows Krea’s success in the Irish music scene, having previously released two no. 1 albums as part of indie band Wyvern Lingo, and collaborations with Denise Chaila and Hozier on his debut album duet, ‘In A Week’.

Krea’s latest single is a soulful take on the classic Madonna track, and is defined by Krea’s signature style. Speaking about the song, she says “I love this era of Madonna, so many brilliant melodies and slightly strange concepts and lyrics. While recording the EP, I wanted to try this cover but we were short on time, so we had to record the keys, vocals, bass and drums live together at 1am. I love what we ended up with and decided to keep it relatively sparse and minimal with splashes of harp, guitar here and there.”

Krea’s solo project began in late 2022 with the release of “September Sun”, and was followed up by “Last Day of the Year”, which was described by Hot Press as “winter comforts mixed with honey”. Krea is a seasoned performer, having gained critical and commercial success as part of Wyvern Lingo, as well as performing around the world with the likes of Hozier, Lisa Hannigan, and Wallis Bird.

The single was engineered, produced, and mixed by James Smith, and features vocals, piano, and harp by Krea, drums by Dylan Lynch, and bass by Neil Dorrington. The single was recorded at Black Mountain Studio, with artwork by Feather + Moon and photos by Susannah Appleby.

Featured image by Susannah Appleby.