Gale Forces have released their new album titled ‘Highlights Of Existence’ as well as their new video for the title track.

Post-punk fuses with sheer originality and the drive of only the most persistent of artists with a style and verve meant for adrenaline creation. Each track is an anthem and every not a declaration. Everything comes together while feeling like it’s one second from falling off the rails. This is what I love about bands and artists such as Gale Forces. That anthemic road to sweet oblivion.

Of the video, front man Jade Devitt says, “”Highlights of Existence” channels the energy of our primary need for connection. The realization that we’re never that far apart when we sit down and raise a glass around a fire, or in the backyard. What’s at stake is the quality of our lives and the ability to problem solve, by the better angels of our nature.” “Reach in and tie the rose, melting the callous of your heart” sums up a desperate summons for more.”

About Gale Forces

Gale Forces was formed by Jade Devitt in 2014. After cutting his teeth in the 90’s Seattle music scene as drummer of Engine Kid (Revelation Records), and later as a member of This White Light (2017-2019) with Greg Anderson of Sunn O))) (who released a 2-song EP produced by Josh Homme) Jade set out on a new musical experience as frontman.

The release of the self-titled 5 song EP Gale Forces in 2014, and full-length ‘Strawberry Peak’ in 2017 (both largely solo efforts with Jade playing all the instruments) were followed by several Northwest tours. In 2019 the band became a collaborative effort with Jade teaming up with bassist and producer Gabe Van Benschoten (Mossbreaker), and fellow Seattle alumni Isaac Carpenter (Awolnation, Adam Lambert) on drums, with Ryan Rapp rounding out on guitar.

The result is the band’s second album ‘Highlights of Existence,’ which pulls influence from the angularity of Iggy Pop and peak-era Stoner Rock, while blending their punk and alternative roots with adventurous vocal deliveries and soaring melodic guitar leads.’